Hello there buddy beloved around the world , how are you this afternoon ? Is okay , I hope you are all in a state of fine O Friend ! During this hot day , I intend to give happiness to you all , happiness is a game that contains the article , and of course the game is cool and interesting . I think you 've been curious huh ? If curious visit continues every day on this blog I ! Oh yes , what about your activities on this day ? Hopefully yes friend. 

Okay , this time I will share the title game Twisted Lands 2 in 1 Bundle , which is a light game of GameTop the GameTop name known by most people . In this game there are two action-packed games in one package . The game is Insomniac Twisted Lands and Lands Shadow Town Twisted . The game contained therein Zombies , snakes and murder . All that awaits you at Shadow Town Twisted Lands , when you have to face the limits of reality in the twisted Lands Insomniac . Find adventure puzzles and stacking strategies to deal with it ! 

System Requirements : 

Windows Vista , Windows XP , Windows 7 1.4GHz 
DirectX 9.0 1024MB 
RAM 750MB 

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