Good night dude everything in parts of Indonesia , how are you this evening ? Yeah , hopefully in a fine state , I was also in a state of fine , so I can add an article about the game constantly . Okay ' Friends , this night I will share a GameTop game , where everyone already knew and not foreign to our ears . I just gave the explanation , so that you be clearer about this game . Starting from 4 classic adventure with Alice , Aladdin , d ' Artagnan and Phileas Fogg . Follow the rabbit Mr. Rabbit at his hole , helped Aladdin in his search for love with the track diamonds . Queen in France received a major challenge , which is to travel around the world in 80 days . 

System Requirements : 

Windows Vista , Windows XP , Windows 7 1GHz 
DirectX 8.0 
512MB RAM 

Waow ' with little explanation at the top , cool and attractive yes Friends game . Let ' Friend just download right now, to find comfort in the play , of course, in this blog I ! Moreover, coupled with free download facility Friend , waow ' very cool is not it ? Invite relatives , friends , and your friends to play this game ! Use your free time with entertainment in the form of a game that is in blog- I blog ! Hopefully this article that I make , is very helpful for all of you game lovers . Congratulations download Friend !