Good day and best wishes to my friend who took time to stop by my blog which is very exciting game - playing . Before I would share an article about this game , I will ask my friend in the whole world , how are you there ? Hopefully in a fine state , nor did I , in a fine state . Do not forget we are always thankful Buddy was given favors healthy , because healthy is expensive . Therefore , we need to maintain health , with exercise and drink water as much - much . Friend, there is no harm in it , I share health tips , so all of you are always remembered . Okay . We return again to the article which I will give for the lovers of the game . 

Okay , my friend who I respect . This afternoon I am going to make a game article is very stressful and scary , not forgetting , which is certainly very exciting dude . This game is a game for netbook and laptop PCs , the game is titled Blinding Dark , a new horror game that is very fun to play . I give a little review about this game . You will wake up from a hall , you can not remember who you are and how you get there . Step by step you will adventure into the darkness to discover the past and the future . Collecting an ancient relic , and find out what became of your ability . We always dreamed of , but a sudden change in the direction of this horror game . General conception is that you immediately have a weapon to fight the horror game in the scary part . You believe that this is one of the dazzling dark , with an attempt to prove otherwise . Rare ammunition is powerful enemies and limited options for restoring health . This game creates a lot of tension and terrifying death . The game is the fact that there were serious irregularities when you are dying and danger / suspense element back in the game . 

As I gave a description of this game , including : 

Game description : Genre : Horror 
Developer : Game Hut 
Publisher : Plug In Digital 
Released : 13-182014 
Size : 1.16 GB / 571.23 MB 

Well , buddy how the above review , whether friend, wanted to play it ? But first download buddy ! The game was very exciting Blinding Dark Friend, where you will be presented with pictures terrible , fear in this game adds exciting atmosphere Friend, let alone this game full of adventure . Come on ! For those who are happy with horror , this is suitable for you . The game also saw how our courage buddy , further challenges to be faced . Come immediately download the latest horror PC game . Invite relatives , friends , and friends to enjoy this horror game . Buddy , congratulations download !