During the conference I returned to the game that the articles are super cool and interesting . A happiness I if your buddy is already stopped on the blog I am . I am sure you will be spoiled by a variety of the latest games , plus the game is downloaded for free at no charge , Waow ' will add to the atmosphere of comfort in playing . 

Okay ' This day I will discuss an article titled game GameTop New York Mysteries - Secrets of the Mafia Collectors Edition . Beginning of a New York city , 1955 It became dangerous events in the city . A Mafia is trying to seize power . But recently , a new force emerged . A force that is much more dire . Over the last few days , five mafia boss has mysteriously disappeared . Strange liquid and butterflies found in the loss of critical events of the five mafia . Then , plus the fear of resident children began to disappear in the city . Everything that event exactly the same butterflies before they disappear . This force detectives and reporters alike to begin their investigation . Friend, it is your duty to find back the loss of the people who exist in this game . 

System Requirements 

Windows Vista , Windows XP , Windows 7 , Windows 8 1.6GHz 
DirectX 9.0 512MB 
RAM 625MB 

Not cool dude ? Come soon find them by downloading this game . Invite relatives , friends , and friends to download and play as you please ! Remember friends , play games on this blog I , when have free time , because the game play is just for entertainment only and relax while kesibukkan approached . Okay ' buddy survived download !