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I really like the category of adventure and battle . I used to play a fighting force playstation 1. If you have never played the game pc light is not one to try . Guaranteed not going to regret it if you play fighting games and the most comfortable playing multiplayer and use the stick or joystick . After the prediction of death in the world fall flat , Dr. Dex Zeng tries to destroy the world itself . Fortunately , Figting Force is here to save the day ! You take the role of Hawk Manson , Ben " Punch " Jackson , Mace Daniels , or Alana McKendrick , and the Air Force through the seven stages of a broad ( some with a branch road ) with each character unique moves and combinations . You will need every move too , since up to five enemies can attack simultaneously . To keep the destruction moving at a furious pace , taking pipes , guns , knives , soda machines , and anything that might be lying around and get creative . For maximum carnage, tell a friend to use another controller and double - team Zeng 's maid . Can a fighting force to stop the evil plan of Zeng at the time ? 

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