Good afternoon my friend all over the world that is in the How did the news this afternoon ? Of course, in a state of fine huh ? Monday is the day of the activity of a very solid friend , but we do with the relaxed and true , it means we are always spirit without despair and do a good job without any obstacles . 

Okay this time I will share the game with 9 elefants title , which originated from Professor Weismann who has disappeared . After arriving in Paris to present his latest invention , the Camera Time , at Universal Science Congress , Professor Weissmann disappeared without a trace . His daughter Laura , believing that he had been kidnapped . Assisted by Eustache , cat Professor , Laura set on the trail of a mysterious , which is 9 elephant symbol . Carrier duo is confronted by a series of challenges , and each one has to draw their power from the discovery and deduction to uncover the plot at the heart of this extraordinary adventure . A brief review is not discouraged to play this game , with the style of the name of the game lovers , all games must have been like to explore , and only for entertainment purposes only . Immediately visit a blog I find games and choice . You can play for free as comfortable as possible . Congratulations download Friend ! 

System Requirements 

Windows Vista , Windows XP , Windows 7 1GHz 
DirectX 9.0