Rain lately not necessarily , sometimes prolonged rains , sometimes it does not rain a few weeks . Even plan something sometimes confused when sunny days arrive to travel . if we stuck rain than no activity , we take the time to ourselves sediri entertainment . 

Games Pokemon Emerald Version for Game Boy Advance , the game is arguably very exciting once my friend , because in this game you can just control the characters - characters in Pokemon movie that has a lot of fans to this day , so for my friend who ngefans to current pokemon figures will feel very happy at all , because I will give you a pokemon game that can mate running on the device its Gameboy Advance , the game is very light at all , though very mild , but can be able to hypnotize fans of the game pokemon Platinum Version Emerald good in Indonesia , as well as throughout Manca state . 

So for my friend who was frantically looking for Rom Game Pokemon Emerald Version for Gameboy Advancenya , please just buddy free download , please do not hesitate because I guarantee you play definitely linger in front of this game .