Hello all my friends this afternoon I will give you a game that is shooting , behold who is good at shooting ? not good at shooting the girl ya hee later you most girls and so confused who want to be close friends . Already now we go on to discuss current topics yes , so you see the super cool game this discussion . 

Download free game counter strike global offensive v1.34.5.2 auto update . Games are able to sharpen the brain because you have to set the war strategy . You can later choose to be a terrorist or police . Terrorist task is to kill all the police and put the bomb in the designated area on the game counter strike . If you are able to kill all the police and put the bomb in the right place until the bomb explodes , then you will be a winner . But if the task of the police is to be able to kill all the terrorists and gang members are able to defuse the bomb has been installed by the terrorists . To win the battle of the game counter strike , you need a reliable weapons , super , and body protective equipment . Later you will fight , but before the battle starts you have to buy armament . Prepare your strategy to fight against the enemy . 

Waow cool huh friend discussion about this game counter strike . PC game that allows us to play . Direct download just friends , playing with friends when his rainy more fun again . I think it is an explanation of the game counter strike , may be useful yes .