On this occasion I will give the game Marvel VS Capcom Clash Of Super Heros . That must have been very very exciting to play , but I suggest you put the joystick yes , let me add exciting if ya do not have to buy a PC first price stick around 50rb until 70rb ( 2 sticks ) . And just for you guys who want to play the game can see a description of this game . 

MARVEL VS. CAPCOM is the latest installment of Capcom's STREET FIGHTER series . But now gamers will be able to play as brawlers from the far reaches of the Capcom universe , spanning games like STREET FIGHTER , MEGA MAN and cons . Marvel is represented new additions like Venom and attack , as well as fighting game staples Spider - Man and Wolverine . 

Capcom 's lineup includes Street Fighters Ryu , Chun Li , and Zangief , also free fighting game characters like Captain Commando and Mega Man ​​. The result is actually a stretch of fighters from all over the place . Video game characters provide a variety of game atmosphere , plus exciting gameplay that will feel familiar to fans of STREET FIGHTER and other Capcom fight . Immediately pal free download this exciting and cool game !