Morning my friend all , how are you this morning ? I will share the game you downloaded article compulsory . Playstation games 1 , ie the best car racing game , but make no mistake this car racing game friend is not an ordinary car , because this car will be issued moves . Want to know you and wondering what moves issued by the car . 

Download Free PC Games Crash Team Rancing PS1 ISO . You can play this game in your favorite pc . This car racing game will be issued moves such as : bomb , rocket , and others . In this game there nontheless story that a story based around alien egomaniacal itros oxide wants to prove himself as greateset racer in the galaxy and make a deal that he races the best riders on the planet . If he wins will be left behind the earth , but if he loses , he will remain on earth and take over all people , and will enslave . 

How your friends can not wait to play it is not , then direct downloads only friend , the emulator plus you must have an ISO file , so you can run this game . Okay , maybe that's what I can tell , may be useful for those who play it .