Afternoon for you much there , how are you this afternoon . I came back with the usual share is not less exciting game to play , this game is a racing car that is mandatory in the content on your pc , so that your friends come to you. Because you're not losing pc with android is now worldwide . 

Download Free PC Games Assetto Corsa 2014 v1.0.1 Repack RG . Street racing games may be very exciting at all plus there is a friend who challenged . Later you should be able to win the championship race 1 , 2 , and 3. Then you will get points or money and you also can buy auto parts that you drove the car quickly . 

With 3D quality and features more complete than the initial version . So you play like the real thing, than you race with a friend on the street without a definite purpose , it only hurts your body alone . just playing a racing game with a free download . Okay friends may be useful yes .